SlimScan receipt scanner stores in your wallet


The Planon SlimScan SS100 is a credit card sized scanner that has been designed for scanning receipts and business cards. It’s about the same size as a stack of 3 credit cards at 2.0 x 3.1 x 0.12 inch, so it stores easily in a card slot in your wallet. Images are scanned at 300 dpi and can be organized into folders on the device and then downloaded to a computer using a USB cable with the provided software. The SlimScan has a rechargeable battery and enough memory to hold up to 600 2.75 inches x up to 36 inch scans with 24bit color. The scanner is priced at $99.99 which makes it an ok buy for someone who doesn’t already have a smartphone which can do the same thing without needing to carry (and charge another device).

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