Get the world’s thinnest portable mobile charger in the Jackery Air

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When I first saw the Jackery Air on Kickstarter , I thought it looked like every other portable charger. That is, until the picture of it side by side with the iPhone 5 came up. This charger is as thin as the iPhone 5 and looks to be nearly the same width and height as well, with one end tapering down to nearly half the thickness of an iPhone 5. Delving deeper, the Jackery Air comes in two models: the 2800 mAh and 5000 mAh. Both are orange and weigh around 5 ounces apiece.  When not in use, the Jackery Air claims to hold its charge for 6 months. The lightweight aluminum frame provides durability without sacrificing weight. This charger will not work with an iPad, but it will work with some tablets and most smartphones. Their Kickstarter project is nearly fully funded and is set to ship out in July with pledges starting at $49 for the 2800 mAh model and $79 for the 5000 mAh model.

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