Hear NOAA weather information in every room of your house

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It’s not even officially summer yet, and already storm devastation has begun with tragic loss of life.  Whenever there are dangerous conditions in your area, you need to be informed so you can protect yourself and your family.  There’s already a nationwide NOAA weather alert system that works in conjunction with the FCC’s Emergency Alert System, but you need a special radio to receive the constant updates – and you’ll need to be where your weather radio is to hear the automatic alerts.  With the ZoneGuard+ system from Eton, you can cover your entire house with a single weather radio station.  The base station is AC-powered with battery backup, and it can be programmed with your ” S.A.M.E. county code (specific area message encoding), so if there’s a warning, watch, or advisory you’ll see it—with flashing red, orange or green lights—and hear about it, too.”    The ZoneGuard+ comes with two wireless units that can be placed up to 164 feet from the base station, and they’ll give you the same sound and light warnings as the base station.  You can expand your system with as many ZoneGuard+ Wireless Alert Modules as you need to cover your house or workshop.  The ZoneGuard+ base station and two wireless units has an MSRP of  $79.99.

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