Charge your devices without an outlet with a Folding USB Solar Cell

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I love to be away from the world at times. Whether I am at the beach, up in the mountains, or just hanging outside, I always have my phone with me. The thought of being ‘green’ and being able to keep my devices charged when I am out on the go made me take interest in the 5W and 7W Folding USB Solar Cell by Brown Dog Gadgets. These solar cells fold up on each other for protection and portability when not in use. To use them, you simply unfold them and face the cells towards the sunlight, with options to suction them to a window or tie them to a backpack, and plug in your USB charging cable to one of the two USB ports. The solar cells can charge most devices with USB connectivity and claims to be able to charge an iPhone in 3 hours. The Folding USB Solar Cell has been fully funded on Kickstarter, and they hope to get the products into backers hands in July. They haven’t announced the price yet, but until May 2nd backers can get the 5W solar cell for $55 and a 7W solar cell for $70.

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