Fuel may be the world’s tiniest phone backup battery

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The Fuel backup power source is a Kickstarter project from Devotec Industries, a maker of backup batteries and Bluetooth speakers.  (Is it just me, or does it seem like a lot of companies are looking to expand their product lines through crowd-funding projects lately?)  The Fuel is a 220mAh emergency power source for any phone that is charged with a microUSB cable.  It looks like a tiny fuel can (1″ X 1″ X 0.5″), and it’s small enough to keep it on your keychain.  The body is made of aluminum, and the little “spout cover” is actually a male microUSB connector that plugs into the phone for charging.  The lithium-ion battery is recharged using the female microUSB socket on the bottom of the Fuel.  The battery is protected from overcharging, and it’s rated for at least 500 cycles.  At 220mAh, the Fuel is only going to give you about 20-30 minutes of talk time, but it may be just what you need in an emergency.  Devotec plans on releasing the microUSB version first, and an Apple Lightning version is planned for the future.  As of today, they’ve already secured almost 150% of their $20,000 goal, and the funding period continues until Friday, Apr 19, at 1:25pm EDT.  If you want a microUSB version, you’ll need to pledge $20.  If you want only the future Apple Lighning product, you can pledge $2 to get your name on a waiting list.  A pledge of $22 gets you the microUSB Fuel now and puts your name on the waiting list for the Lightning connector version.

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  2. @HungAD Thanks! I seem to have micro control over my brain/typing today. (At least I got it right the first time… ;))

  3. I doubt 220mAh is enough to jumpstart a completely drained smartphone. This is probably best used for a regular “dumbphone” or a bluetooth headphone.

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