Help for your Gordian knot of cables

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Do you have a jumbled mess of cables and power cords behind your desk or entertainment center?  When you need to unplug something, do you have to try unplugging everything until you find the right one?  I was reading Oprah’s O Magazine recently (found in my Next Issue subscription!), and they featured some fun cable labels in their March 2013 issue.  These Cable IDs are from the Container Store.  You’ll get a package of eight multi-colored labels.  You can write on the label with a pen or marker, then just twist the ends around the cable.  A set of Cable IDs is $7.99.  It’s time for spring cleaning.  Why not add some color to your organization efforts!

Image courtesy of O Magazine.

3 thoughts on “Help for your Gordian knot of cables”

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  2. I’ve never had a phone or a lamp that required a 3-pronged grounded plug. Either 2 pronged or a brick.

    I like the idea through, but I’ve just a metallic marker and WROTE on the plug/brick what the item was. For ‘bricks’, it’s a god-send when packing/unpacking to have the brick LABELED with the item it powers. Never had an issue of the writing wearing off, either.

    About the only MAJOR plus I see with this is the ability to see from a DISTANCE (due to the color coding) what plug is what. Is it worth 8 bux for that? Maybe for some, but not me. I’ll stick with my $1.99 metallic marker. It can still mark up a LOT more plugs/bricks.

  3. Janet:

    I know. I was commenting on the vendor-graphic, and didn’t intend to suggest a required use. I see something like that and I’m generally turned off by a vendor. It shows their marketing department (or person) as being clueless and who ever gave the final approval is also clueless.

    Stuff like that is a “tell” for the general ‘health’ and potential for success for given company or product.

    That said, although I didn’t really think a 3-prong cord is required, you made me look with an even more critical eye. Looking at those loops suggests it really wont fit well on a power-brick (like a phone). It wont stay put and may catch on other wires.

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