Divoom iFit-2 portable stereo universal dock review

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Most families have several media devices, such as the iPad, Galaxy, Surface, or any of the many smart phones available nowadays, and our family is no exception. We have iPads, iPhones, and an Android tablet. Also, with the new Lightning adapter, we have a total of three different charging cables for our devices. This makes finding a charging dock that can handle all three a bit difficult. The Divoom iFit-2 fits and charges all of our devices with our own charging cables, and it has the bonus of being a rechargeable speaker system.


Included in the box is the dock, USB charging cable, and a 3.5mm audio cable that plugs into the headphone jack of most devices. It does not include a wall charger or the cables needed to charge your devices, but it has a pass-through to thread your cable neatly under the dock and out the back through a small groove.


When fully charged, the iFit-2 claims to have a seven hour battery life. I’ve yet to fully drain the battery, but it has easily lasted a solid five hours of music from my iPhone 5 before I charged it up again. The light on the dock is blue when the dock is on, turns red when charging, and back to blue when finished. One hindrance I’ve noticed with using the speakers is the ‘on’ light is in the back of the dock, which has found me leaving the dock on after use. It’s not a major problem, but I would prefer the light to be in the front to remind me that I have it on.


The dock comes in black and white models. My white iPad looks great on the black dock and it feels sturdy once on the stand. I have to remove my case in order for the iPad to sit nicely on the dock due to it being a thicker case. My iPhone has a thinner case and fits just fine on the dock, so the problem only occurs with thick cases. The hole for the charging cable is slightly larger than a USB connector. This makes it great for the 30-pin connectors, but miniUSB and the new Lightning cables will either have to stick up out of the docking area or risk sliding down when placing the unit on the charger. My iPad 3 can dock easily, my iPhone 5, not so much.


I also tested the sound quality of the speakers using the iPhone 5, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy 7 tablet. The sound quality of the speaker is fairly good for the speaker size. On songs lacking deep bass, they sound good even when the volume is turned up high. With higher bass songs, the sound gets slightly distorted when you have the volume on your device near full. The bass quality is decent for small speakers; trebles and voices sound very good. Listening to a TV episode on the dock is a pleasant experience. There was no noticeable difference between the sound quality of the different devices plugged into the dock.

In a nutshell, for around $30, you can have a dock for all of your devices that also acts like a portable sound system. It takes a little more effort than if you were using something that is device-specific but you sacrifice the ease for versatility. The dock is sturdy and is small enough to easily fit on a shelf. For the price, this little dock is hard to beat.


Product Information

Price:$49.99 MSRP; $29.99 at Amazon
  • -Low price
  • -Good sound quality
  • -Rechargeable battery
  • -Long battery life
  • -Compatible with most devices
  • -Hard to dock with a charging cable
  • -Thicker cases may not fit

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