I-MEGO THRONE Gold and Poison headphones are tuned for your musical taste


The Gold and Poison THRONE over-ear headphones from I-MEGO have a great retro design that would look perfect with my Musubo Retro iPhone case (see related links).  Inside are 40mm drivers that reproduce a frequency range of 20-20,000Hz, with 105 +/- 5db sensitivity, and 32 ohms impedance.  They each have 4-ft cables with gold-plated 3.5mm connectors and a one-button microphone, and both share a design that’s reminiscent of vintage microphones, with memory-foam ear pads and embroidered leather headband.  Their most obvious difference is in the color schemes – gold and black for the Gold and gunmetal and muted purple for the Poison.  Their greatest difference is that they’ve each been tuned to suit different musical tastes.  The “Gold’s bold styling compliments its bold acoustic tuning geared towards big bass for rock, R&B, or hip hop. The result is crystal clear audio with deep, powerful bass.”  The Poison is “built for stand-out vocals and acoustics that suit classical or new age music. The result is crystal clear audio with balanced audio response.”  THRONE headphones sell for $129.99.

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