FocalPrice Portable Plastic Fold-UP Stand review

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I like to travel. When I travel, I am almost never without my iPad and various accessories (cables, headphones, keyboard). The one thing I have yet to find is a portable stand that is not only lightweight but robust enough to stand up to the rigors of my travel. The Portable Fold-UP Stand from FocalPrice may be just what I am looking for.  (Note:  This tablet stand is almost identical to the Arkon Universal Tablet Stand reviewed by Janet in 2011, but the FocalPrice version is less than half the price of the Arkon.)

Note: Images can be clicked to view a larger size.

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The Portable Fold-UP Stand arrived in a sturdy cardboard box that protected it during its travels from China. The box itself contains visual information about the stands dimensions and how to use the stand.

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The stand’s dimensions when folded are listed as 7.1″ X 1″ X 1.3″ (18cm x 2.6 cmm x 3.2 cm) with a weight of 3.2 ounces (90 g), small enough to slide into a small bag or purse.

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Unfolded, the stands legs spread apart to approximately 5.1″ (13cm) and the and the back’s maximum height is approximately 7.1″ (18cm).

As you may be able to tell, The Portable Fold-UP Stand is made out of plastic. I know that many products are produced using plastics these days, and the quality and durability can differs from manufacturer to manufacturer. That being said, I am happy to say the plastic of the stand seems to be of good quality, giving it a solid look and feel.

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All of the moving parts are ratcheted, allowing them to be opened to different angles and heights. I have not had any issues with the ratchet system so far.

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This stand has rubber non-skid pads located in key areas on the stand, to keep it and the device it is supporting from slipping.

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As you can see, I did have a piece of one of the stand’s bottom pads tear off of the stand. The tear did not affect the stand’s use or stability, but it does make me question the quality and durability of all the rubber pads.

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I am using my iPad 2 to test the stand, but the FocalPrice web site states that the stand can be used by serval different tablet and pad devices, including (but not limited to):

  • Galaxy Tab
  • iPad
  • iPad 2
  • the new iPad
  • Kindle fire
  • 7″ and 10″ tablet PCs

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Since I use my iPad with a Smart Cover and a generic plastic back case cover, any stand I use must accommodate these items. As seen in the above pictures, the stand handles it well.

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With the stand, you can use your tablet in landscape and portrait modes; the back folds into many angles for viewing.  It offers a high level of versatility in its use.

Although, the overall size of this stand is a little larger then I would like, the stand’s flexible viewing angles and device accommodation makes this stand a good choice for any gear bag. With a price of $6.99, shipping included, I don’t think you can beat it.


Product Information

Price:$ 6.99
  • Price
  • Size and weight
  • Flexibility in use
  • Suspect rubber pads

8 thoughts on “FocalPrice Portable Plastic Fold-UP Stand review”

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  2. @RainyDayInterns While the stand may appear clunky (I did note the size was larger then I would have liked) it is well made and well suited to travel (both size and weight wise). I will admit there may be more elegant solutions on the market (at a more elegant price) but overall this stand, in my opinion is a very acceptable choice for traveling.

  3. Do agree that it is inexpensive, but when we are traveling, size is a primary consideration…especially for a function that is usually available from a well-designed case/cover.

  4. @RainyDayInterns I guess what it comes down to is personal preference. I have no problem dropping this stand in my gear bag when I travel. even though I have a cover and a case for my iPad I like the flexibility and stability of the stand.

  5. for me, i like the very capable built-into-the-cover stand of the standle by griffin, or the handyshell by speck…. both work wonderfully great, and don’t take up ANY room because they don’t need to be plunked into the gadget bag…. 🙂

  6. Thank you for sharing the review. Unfortunately, the product this company is selling is in fact a direct knock-off of the Arkon product. Counterfeiting and direct knock-offs have been a significant problem ever since Arkon’s IPM-TAB1 was named Best Travel Stand for the iPad in 2010 and once again in 2011 by other leading websites.

    Arkon’s IPM-TAB1 is protected by both U.S. patent # 8,186,639 and also a Chinese patent. While I think you’ve done quite a good review, I regrettably must share it with the patent attorneys as this knock-off is a direct copy of the Arkon product. It’s a shame when Chinese and Hong Kong companies steal away innovation from companies that work hard to innovate and market unique products. Obviously, I only wish your great review had been on Arkon’s IPM-TAB1 instead of this low-priced knock-off.


    Aaron Roth
    VP, Sales & Marketing
    Arkon Resources, Inc.

  7. I thought that this stand looked exactly like the one that I got for my husband for Christmas a few years ago. (The Arkon stand)

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