“Carry an Education” in a Stone + Cloth bag


When Matthew Clough, the founder of Stone + Cloth, realized the man who guided his climb of Mount Kilimanjaro earned only $1-$2 per day, he knew Benson didn’t earn enough to send his children to school.  Matthew realized how lucky he was to have been born with the privileges he had, and he wanted to do something to help those without the opportunities we enjoy in America receive an education.  He discovered the Knock Foundation was already established and doing good works in Tanzania, so he decided to work with them.  The Stone + Cloth company produces a line of backpacks and gear bags made in California, and they donate $10 from the sale of each to the Knock Foundation to support their education efforts in Tanzania, Africa.  Both the Benson (#1; $74) and the Lucas (#2; $69) backpacks have a padded laptop sleeve inside.  They have iPad sleeves (#3) sized to fit either the full-sized ($39) or the mini ($39) iPads.  They also have gear bags (#4; $25) to hold cables, chargers, and other small items.  Each bag is available in a variety of fabric colors/patterns.  (Stone + Cloth’s motto is “Carry an Education”.)

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  • MLS March 18, 2017, 1:03 pm

    Stone & Cloth may have a nice intention, but it provides zero customer service: my two messages to it and my two messages to the owner never received a response. I’d rather pick my own non-profits to support directly than support non-profits I didn’t choose via a company that doesn’t treat its customers right.

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