Logitech announces their Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad mini

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I’ve had the opportunity to try many keyboard cases for the larger iPads I’ve owned, but I’ve never had hands-on experience with a keyboard case for the iPad mini.  Logitech has just announced their Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad mini, and I must say it has me intrigued.  Instead of a bulky folio case, their Ultrathin keyboard attaches to the mini with a magnetic hinge and serves as a cover when the mini isn’t in use.  It even activates the mini’s automatic wake/sleep functions.  When you need to type, you simply detach the Bluetooth keyboard and stand the mini in the keyboard’s built-in stand. Somehow Logitech fits a QWERTY keyboard in only 7.87″ X 5.54″.  The cover is 0.29″ thick and weighs 0.48 pounds.  It will be available in black or white (and red in some lucky regions) for $79.99.  You can pre-order now at Logitech for shipment in February 2013.

4 thoughts on “Logitech announces their Ultrathin Keyboard Cover for the iPad mini”

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  2. I have the Logitech keyboard for the full-size iPad, and I love it…it’s absolutely fantastic. It’s very thin, types well, and just plain works. It’s so thin that it and my iPad together fit easily in my Oberon Designs sleeve, also…which is a nice plus.

  3. I think Belkin do something like this as well. But this one looks neat. I wonder if it uses the iPad mini magnets to give it some grip when it’s in the slot in the keyboard ? I’ve also wondered if the keys might mark the screen but I guess it’s glass so maybe not a big deal. Is that OK on the large one Rob ?

  4. On the one I have, there’s zero contact between the keys (or any other part of the keyboard) and the screen itself. I can tell because none of the smudges from my fingers show any kind of linear geometry that would indicate contact with any of the keyboard, after it’s been put away and taken back out. The one I have does have magnets in the slot to help hold onto the iPad when it’s in there, so probably. I assume, of course, that the iPad Mini has magnets along its edge like the full-size iPad does; if so, Logitech would be crazy not to do the same with this keyboard as they do with the full-sized one.

    The only caveats I might have with the Mini…and these are going to be issues regardless of whose keyboard you use…are that the screen is smaller, and the keyboard itself must be as well, so you may be squinting to see what you type and may find the keyboard a bit more cramped. But again, that will affect all keyboards from any maker.

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