It’s a pen, it’s a pencil, it’s a stylus. No, it’s the Stylex 3-in-1 writing tool


I am forever on the search for a perfect multi-pen stylus combination, and the Stylex 3-in-1 Writing Tool, a current Kickstarter project by Dexterous, may be the one of my dreams. The Stylex 3-in-1 writing tool combines a stylus, a ball point pen, and a 0.5mm mechanical pencil into a single pen, allowing the user to maintain a constant writing form no matter what media you are using. I love the idea of the pen-stylus combination, but most of the ones on the market today make the stylus look like an afterthought and not a well thought-out design feature. The addition of a 0.5mm pencil offers another area of versatility that is reminiscent of older multi-pens designed for use with Palm devices. The Stylex will be using their own “Dextrous Stylus” tip that is a higher density than regular stylus tips, according to the designers.  There are actually three versions of this pen: one with only a stylus,

The Stylex project is still actively seeking funding until February 17, 2013, and is slated for delivery in April 2013. There are actually three versions of this pen: the D1 with only a stylus ($10 pledge), D2 2-in-1 with a stylus and pen ($25), and the Stylex 3-in-1 with stylus, pen, and pencil ($60).

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