Phosphor E-Ink Digital Hour Watch with Black Polyurethane Band review

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phosphor DH01 01

Phosphor has released quite a few watches over the past few years, including the recently reviewed World Time Sport Watch.  Today we’re going to look at one of the original fully-digital models, the Phosphor E-Ink Digital Hour Watch with Black Polyurethane Band.  Functionally, it’s identical to the stainless steel version but with a flexible, sporty strap.

  • Case width: 38.0mm
  • Edge thickness: 8.0mm
  • Overall case thickness: 12.5mm
  • Water resistance: 5 ATM – 50m
  • Display: 12 hour only
  • Alarm: Built-in alarm
Some may not care, but I just had to say:  Unlike the World Time Sport Watch model, this version comes with a mineral glass crystal, which is much more scratch resistant.  That and the polished steel case does make the watch a little heavier, though.

The watch comes in a handsome black presentation case with a velvety lining that sheds everywhere.  A folded instruction manual can be found tucked away in the lid.

phosphor DH01 02

This particular model, the DH01, is equipped with a soft, flexible polyurethane strap.  It’s similar to that you’d find on most sport watches.  Unlike silicone, this strap does not attract lint nearly as much.

phosphor DH01 03

“Phosphor” is the only markings on the case, inscribed in handsome script.  Very subtle and clean.

phosphor DH01 04

The DH01 is quite curved as you can see.  The battery compartment bulges out from the bottom, but it isn’t very noticeable when you wear it.  Rectangular buttons are found on each side, left and right.

phosphor DH01 05

For reference, my wrists measure 7″ around.

phosphor DH01 09

The buckle has two prongs and is double “hooped”.  That is, you must thread the strap through both ends of the buckle.  It’s a little less convenient but looks sharp.

phosphor DH01 06

phosphor DH01 10

You’ll find the battery compartment on the rear of the case.  There is a spacer “plug” that keeps the battery in place.

phosphor DH01 07

After I reassembled the watch, I realized I should have pointed out the battery sticks to the other side of the circular spacer (left).

phosphor DH01 08

By now, most gadget enthusiasts are familiar with the E-Ink technology used on devices such as the Amazon Kindle.  The Phosphor watches are famous for the use of this type of display.  The display uses no energy unless there is a change in state (flipping numbers).

Each of the four display modes can also be shown as black on white, or white on black.

phosphor DH01 11
Time Mode: (12:57PM)
phosphor DH01 12
Date/Month Mode: November 20th. Note icon in upper left.
phosphor DH01 13
Alarm Setting: 12:00AM. Note bell icon found on the left.
phosphor DH01 14
Alternate Time Readout: Top “horseshoe” represents the hour. (12:58PM)

Although you’ll never see it in normal use, you can also specify the year in the setup screen.  Here, you see I’ve set the current year (2012).  This makes sure the day/month/leap year is set correctly.

phosphor DH01 15

The Phosphor E-Ink line of watches are slick and modern.  I think the black polyurethane strap is the most “stealth-like” of the three strap choices (stainless or leather with orange accents are the other two).  The only drawback I can see is lack of a backlight, but I never use the backlight on my other digital watches anyway.  Plus, the extra large digits and super-wide viewing angles (superior to LCD) lets me read the time in a lot more varying levels of ambient light I thought possible.


Product Information

  • Sleek, clean design
  • Incredible legibility and viewing angles
  • High geek factor
  • Mineral glass crystal
  • Three straps to choose from (stainless, polyurethane, leather)
  • No backlight

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  2. Emu husband was given a second hand Phospor watch, which unfortunately does not have a manual. Is there one available that you could email to me?

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