Ademermo’s Content Central Document Management and Workflow Solution

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Ademero_logofixedYou know how much information you require or generate daily for your job.  Now multiple that by the number of employes at your company, and you can have a seemingly untamable amount of information.  Businesses require documentation to outline procedures, which must be created, approved, and distributed.  They require work orders, emails, product information, and other details that need to be accessible to employes at multiple locations. Without that information easily accessible, business will grind to a halt.  No matter how large or small your business is, a room full of filing cabinets doesn’t cut it in today’s business environment.  Ademero develops document management software  that helps you create, access, and maintain information, and their personnel can help you automate and simplify your workflow.  Their Content Central document management solution is a browser-based application that makes it easy for your employes to access or create documents in the office or on the road. 


Content Central document management software is installed on a single Microsoft server, or across servers for optimal performance.  Users can access the application using a browser (Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, or Google Chrome) from any available Windows, Mac, or Linux computer.  You’ll pay only one affordable price for Content Central (based on the number of users), then you’ll continue saving because you’ll reduce the need for printing documents and the cost of storing the physical copies.  You won’t need to buy additional software or add-ons, either.  Having a browser-based application means that deployment is quick and easy, and you’ll have controlled access by authorized, logged-in users.

With Content Central, you’ll build a central repository for all your information.  You can add documents by scanning them, retrieving them from email or from network folders, and users can create them using PDF-based electronic forms.  Document approval is done within the application, and distribution is easy through the integrated email and fax functions.  Every document in the system becomes part of a searchable database, making retrieval a snap.  With Content Central, you’ll have:

  • Centralized Information – Everything is in one centralized, secured, and organized file storage area.
  • Digital Approval Processes – Documents are routed to appropriate parties as they’re approved along a digital path, eliminating the delay of having papers delivered to various physical in-boxes.
  • Faster Notification & Distribution – With Content Central, other processes can be configured to immediately send an email notification of status updates or to pass along new data as it is approved and made available.
  • Less Expenses for Hard Goods – Digital copies eliminate the need for printing, which reduces the cost of paper and printing supplies, folders, and copy storage.
  • Enhanced Audit Trail – Content Central logs document changes, how many times it’s been accessed, and who has viewed it.
  • Easier Maintenance – Content Central can automatically assign file names as they are created, so you’ll have a standardized naming format.  Securely maintaining all of your data is easily handled by backups.
  • A Simplified Office – With Content Central, you’ll have everything you need to simplify and strengthen the backbone of your business – the documents and data.  It’s all available in a single, centralized, cost-effective package that’s easy to deploy, maintain, and backup.
Watch the following video, and then visit Ademero’s website to learn how Content Central can benefit your company by making document creation and management easier.  They also provide other services, such as document imaging, service migration and implementation.

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