BEARTek Bluetooth Gloves – Give Your Phone the Finger

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Here’s a product for those of you who indulge in sports where you have to wear gloves, like skiing or motorcycle riding, but want to enjoy your music while doing it. (Personally, I’ve never felt comfortable listening to music while riding a motorcycle.)  The BEARTek Bluetooth glove allows you to control your MP3 player or smartphone via a series of buttons integrated into your glove.  The Bluetooth  electronics will be removable and swappable between BEARTek gloves, so you only have to purchase one set of electronics for use with multiple gloves. Only using your thumb to press the touchpoints will work, so you won’t be changing songs by accident.

It’s only a concept at the moment and there doesn’t seem to be any firm availability or pricing.

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  2. I just went to the website. Looks current, but what’s the story for when they come out? It would be a shame to miss the snowboard season.

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