Be a Photographic Gunslinger with the Quikdraw Holster

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This is a Kickstarter project.  If you like to change lenses frequently while you’re taking photos, you’ll have to drag a bag around with you to hold the extra lenses.  You’ll waste valuable time looking for the right lens, then taking off the back end cap, then stopping to put away the replaced lens.  With a Quikdraw lens holster, you have your extra lens safely stored on your belt and ready to mount in a second.  The holster is made of aircraft aluminum and high-strength precision molded plastic, and it will attach to any standard belt.  (The photo shows three Quikdraw holsters.)  The lens mounts to the holster with the same mounting mechanism it uses to attach to the camera.  The Quikdraw’s design holds your lens securely so you won’t have to worry that it will fall from your belt.  There are two versions that will work with either a Nikon F mount or a Canon EOS lens (up to 91.5mm and weighing 20 pounds).  An early-bird pledge of $75 will get you one Quikdraw; it’s $80 for one after the early-bird pledges are claimed.  At the time of writing, about 38% of the funding goal is met and there are still 23 days in the funding period.

5 thoughts on “Be a Photographic Gunslinger with the Quikdraw Holster”

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  2. I’ve been a professional photographer for many years and this is one of the dumbest things for photographers I’ve seen. No protection for the lenses, if one falls off-goodbye to that lens. Buy extra camera bodies for extra lenses,because many times in the seconds it takes to change a lens you missed the photograph.

  3. Reminds us of the “ever-ready” camera cases of days past…affectionately known as “never-ready” cases by those who actually shoot pics for a living.

    So, we will call this “Quikdraw” holster the “Quikdrop” holster so as to keep with tradition.

  4. However, after looking at the design in more detail…could be useful in a studio setting. There is no way we would use it on the streets.

  5. Put a “I’m a geek” sticker on your head when wairing this or else maybe the police will arrest you for looking as a terrorist ready to attack.

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