Croon Audio Announces Its Sleek, Hi-Fi Audio Speaker System -The Original

croon original bluetooth speakerCroon Audio has announced their new Bluetooth speaker, the Original.  The speaker’s housing is “made from 8mm MDF (Medium-Density fiberboard) manufactured wood which allows for VLD (Very Low Distortion) technology when listening to music at a high volume.”  The 10.5”x 8” x 3.5” body has a Class D amp and two 2.5″ front-facing full-range speakers that produce 15W per channel.  Three isolation cones are placed in a tripod pattern to reduce the vibration frequencies and provide the most stable base.  The Original is equipped with Bluetooth and can connect with any Bluetooth equipped phone, tablet, computer or computer.  It also has a 3.5mm audio-in connector for devices without Bluetooth.  The company says users are “able to control the speaker’s functionality with their connected touch screen device.  Eliminating the volume control component from the inside of the casing reduces the noise in the circuit, allowing the music to be heard more clearly.”  The Original is available from Croon Audio for $199.99.

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