Get your Geek on with BuckyBars, BuckyBigs and BuckyBalls Chromatics Magnetic Building Sets

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I find magnetic building sets to be irresistible. I love the pull, resistance and click clack noise as magnets snap together and pull apart. You’ve probably heard of or seen regular BuckyBalls before. They are small BB sized chromed rare earth magnets that can be arranged in really cool configurations. Three new Bucky sets are now available to add to your collection. There are BuckyBalls Chromatics, which are the same as regular Buckyballs, but are available in 7 different colors and come in a set of 216 spheres. There are BuckyBigs which are 5 times the size of regular BuckyBalls and come in a 8 sphere set. Then there are BuckyBars, which is a set of 36 magnetic rods that can be used with your Buckyballs sets to build some really unique creations. These sets are available from Thinkgeek and are priced at $14.99 – $39.99 depending on the set.

5 thoughts on “Get your Geek on with BuckyBars, BuckyBigs and BuckyBalls Chromatics Magnetic Building Sets”

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  2. Julie, If you ever get bored playing with these, you can send them to me. I love these things. 😉 Wink Wink nudge nudge.

  3. I have tons of magnets all around my apartment, especially the inside of my front door, to hold things. My best idea are two huge hooks to hold umbrellas and bags that I need as I walk out.

    But there are a couple of things keep me from buying the Buckies:

    I worry about magnets near my computer so I don’t want one on my desk.

    I am always getting my fingers nipped when I put them together.

    I’m not creatively inclined to make cool arrangements.

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