Toma Sony NEX-5n Half Case and Wrist Strap Review

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In response to my Gariz Sony NEX-5n Half-Case Review, the folks at LoveCases, a British tech-accessory website, offered to send me the Toma half-case and matching wrist strap to review. Like the Gariz case, the Toma half-case is a form fitted leather case that adds a bit of protection to the base and sides of the NEX-5n and wraps around the grip for added grip-ability. The matching Toma Wrist Strap adds even greater insurance from accidentally dropping the 5n due to it slipping from your hand.

Toma Sony NEX-5n Half Case

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From the design and function standpoint, the Toma Sony NEX-5n half-case is nearly identical to the Gariz half-case. The case is form-fitted for the Sony NEX-5n MILC camera.

toma nex5nhalfcase emptyfront

It is constructed of a nicely done cow leather and is finely stitched and finished around the edges.

toma nex5nhalfcase emptyback

The interior of the case is lined with a soft suede, ensuring the camera does not get scratched or marred.

toma nex5nhalfcase emptyinside

The camera slides in and is then held in place by the integrated chrome bolt that screws into the camera’s tripod hard-point. The bolt has its own threaded hole enabling you to attach the case/camera combo to a tripod mount. The first time I used this case, I had difficulty getting the retaining bolt to screw into the base of the camera. It took me several minutes and many attempts to get it to work correctly. But once I got it set properly, the case has screwed on easily every time since.

toma nex5nhalfcase bottom4

You have to take the case off to gain access to the battery/SD card compartment located on the bottom of the camera. I use an Eye-Fi wireless SD card, so access/downloading my pictures is not an issue. But I do have to remove it to recharge the battery.

toma nex5nhalfcase sides

As you can see, the case wraps around a majority of the right side grip and on the left-side only comes up a third of the way, allowing access to the strap loop and USB port. With the case on and a longer lens attached to the camera, the whole ensemble does lean forward on the lens. Not a huge deal but worth mentioning. The camera stands upright with the pancake lens attached.

toma nex5nhalfcase back

The case allows easy access to all of the nex-5n’s controls, not getting in the way at all.

toma nex5nstrap backangle

The case allows for complete function of the NEX-5n’s touch-enabled view screen.

toma nex5nhalfcase front

The Toma half-case looks nice, and the black leather and red stitching does go well on the NEX-5n. But I have to say the Toma case is not as nice as the Gariz’s Vaja-like quality, craftsmanship or fit.

Feel and Usability:

toma halfcase quad

As I stated, the Toma half-case adds better grip-ability to the NEX-5n. The case increases the length of the grip by about a third of an inch….just enough to be noticeable for those with larger hands. The leather adds a nice feel to the camera’s hard plastic body.


Similar to the Gariz, the Toma half-case provides a little protection from bumps and perhaps (very) minor drops, but only if the camera falls butt first, an unlikely scenario with a lens of any weight on the front of the NEX-5n.

toma halfcase colors

The Toma half-case is available in black, tan, white and red.

Bottom Line:

I wish I had reviewed the Toma half-case before the Gariz half-case. The Gariz is definitely better made and more precisely fitted. That said, the nearly identical Toma half-case is not a bad case, and at a third the cost, worth considering. The Toma half-case is £19.99/$32 (plus shipping).

Toma Wrist Strap

toma wriststrap hangingMILC/four-thirds cameras are engineered to be relatively small. Their shape and diminutive size do not make for the most grip-able devices. That and the fact most high-end digital cameras are fragile and do not like being dropped, the Toma wrist strap is an ideal accessory for the Sony NEX-5n, without a doubt.

toma wriststrap

The wrist strap’s black leather and red stitching are (obviously) fashioned to match the Toma half-case. With or without the half-case, the Toma wrist strap looks great with the 5n’s black body. The strap is comfortable and does not interfere with function or use of the NEX-5n.

toma nex5nstrap front

The wrist strap’s design is simple enough. The narrow nylon material slides through the camera’s strap hard-point and then folds back on itself thru the buckle.

toma nex5nstrap handle

Like the half-case, the Toma wrist strap is constructed of a nicely finished leather with fine stitching along the edges.

toma wriststrap colors

The Toma wrist strap is also available in black, tan, white and red. It is £14.99/$25 (plus shipping).


The Toma half-case and matching wrist strap for the NEX-5n are definitely worth considering for your Sony MILC. Both add a bit of protection and style at a relatively moderate price. If you do not want to shell out several times the money for Gariz accessories, the Toma equivalents are a good value while fulfilling the same look and function.


Product Information

Price:£19.99/$32 for case & £14.99/$25 for strap
  • - Sony NEX-5n
  • - Good materials and craftsmanship
  • - Form fitted for the NEX-5n
  • - Allows access to all camera functions
  • - Adds better grip-ability
  • - Does not add too much weight or bulk
  • - Relatively inexpensive
  • - Have to remove the case to access/recharge the battery/SD card

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