Bear Paws Let you Pick up Meat Like a Bear

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bear paws

Bear Paw Meat Handler Forks are plastic “claws” that help you pick up large pieces of meat (yum). You’ve probably experienced meat slippage syndrome before… you know, that wonderful experience when you bake a 5 pound chicken and then try to lift it out of the roaster pan with a table fork. Or better yet, you use a large wooden spoon and stick it up the chicken’s… well you get the idea. Neither of these methods work too well (voice of experience talking now…). The Bear Paw meat forks are designed to dig in like a grizzly bear, allowing you to lift the meat without dropping it. They can also be used to shred meat (yum x2). You can find them on Amazon for $13.45 and for a couple dollar’s more, I’ve seen stainless steel versions.

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