Red Bull is sponsoring a Maker’s Contest where you could win $10,000

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If you are a builder, maker, inventor, hacker or a person who just likes to tinker, then you should consider trying out for the Red Bull Creation contest where you could end up winning $10,000 worth of tools and cash. The way it works is that you register on the Red Bull Creation site and receive a  version of the Arduino open source wiring kit, which they call the Bullduino. There are a limited number of these kits, so apply asap if you want a chance. Once you get the kit, create something awesome, make a video and submit it by July 3rd. Red Bull will choose 12 teams or individuals to take part in their 72 hour live web streamed themed competition from your own garage, lab, basement, etc. The live competition is  July 19 – 22 and at the end, the public will vote to crown the Top Creator. The winner(s) will then take their creations to the NYC Maker Faire to show off to thousands of attendees. Full details after the jump.


In it’s Second Year, Build Competition Red Bull Creation, Brings the Innovation Home

NEW YORK – June 15, 2012 – Calling all hackers, builders and inventors in between! Red Bull Creation, the 72-hour themed innovation competition, is returning for its second year with a new digital format, upgraded technology and higher stakes. Last year’s marathon brought the best groups of four to Brooklyn to create side-by-side. This year, the competition goes TO the top makers, individually or in teams across the country…taking place in their own domain, using their own tools. The possibilities are endless.


Red Bull Creation will predominately live online starting with any interested possible competitors registering after June 15 and receiving a “Bullduino”, our version of an Arduino—an  open-sourced single board wiring platform. Show us your skills by making something using the Bullduino and upload a video by July 3. No specific topic this round, just a maker and his or her thoughts. Twelve teams or individuals will be selected by a panel of experts by July 5 to participate in the 72-hour live build. 


The real action takes place while the dozen “chosen ones” work simultaneously around the country in their own workshops, hackerspaces or homes to innovate around a common theme. That theme will be announced at the beginning of the 72-hour build set to begin on July 19 – 22.


What fun is making something if you can’t share it with all your friends…and their friends…and a few other  hundred thousand interested strangers? Follow and interact with Red Bull Creation from the qualifying stage to live-streaming of the build competition online by checking in on our hacker, mobile and tablet ready website: Explore the facts, see past teams and innovations, learn what’s being built and talk to current competitors live— who knows? Maybe you’ll even contribute a great idea.


The Red Bull Creation builders will build, the makers will make and the public will vote online. High scoring teams will take their creations to the ultimate stage— the Maker Faire in NYC 2012. Home to over 40,000 visitors across two days, the Maker Faire is a family-friendly festival of invention, creativity and resourcefulness. Beyond the opportunity to show, share and learn with like-minded tech enthusiasts, engineers, artists, etc…Winners will take home $10,000 for equipment to further encourage their creativity.

Update 7/12/12: The Teams have been chosen:


  • ·         i3 Detroit (Detroit, MI):  Winners from last year’s competition, i3 returns as a collective of hackers, makers, technologists, and automotive engineers that use fabrication equipment like metal lathes and laser cutters to create epic projects like a 16-ft tall, fire-breathing statue made of duct tape, and last year’s qualifier favorite “The Chronotune”.
  • ·         1.21 Jigawatts (Minneapolis, MN): Another winner from last year, 1.21 Jigawatts is a team of engineers, artists, and bike builders.  They were able to parlay their experience at Red Bull Creation in 2011 into a enterprise that manufactures an innovative DIY bicycle-building jig called “the Jiggernaut”
  • ·         Tech Shop (San Francisco, CA): Voted the favorite in 2011 by their fellow builders, Tech Shop is a member-based workshop founded on a dreamland of tools and machines, inspiring collaboration from a variety of fields. This team is an experiment gone right, when it comes to building community and inspiring collaboration from different fields.
  • ·         23b Shop (Fullerton, CA): Last year’s People’s Choice winner, 23b Shop is a loose collection of friends that started building in a garage and graduated to a serious workshop for electronics, robots, and security research.
  • ·         North St. Labs (Portsmouth, VA): A self-titled “weird bunch,” North St. Labs started creating record-breaking car stereos and taser gloves back in high school just for fun. They self fund all of their projects, pick through trash, and rip apart old junk to acquire parts they need.
  • ·         Team Instructables (San Francisco, CA): Team Instructables is an elite team of inventors, innovators, and “no-good troublemakers” that runs the project-sharing website
  • ·         Maker Twins (Scottsdale, AZ): Lead by designers and identical twins Mike and Pat Murray, their team builds “big things” for Fortune 500 companies. One of the first groups to be nominated for an Emmy in the area of “New Media”.
  • ·         MB Labs (Chicago, IL): MB Labs is a collaborative, multidisciplinary group of artists who build kinetic objects and devices, along with custom software and hardware.
  • ·         Designated Drinkers (Charlotte, NC): Designated Drinkers is a highly diverse team comprised of engineers and industrial designers, whose specialties range from NASCAR to biomedical equipment.
  • ·         Innovation Thirst (Greenville, TX): This hometown team of mechanical and electrical engineers, designers, builders, programmers and nerdists, are also some of the nation’s most certifiably skilled competitive roboticists. In a nutshell, they like to build robots, drink beer, and build robots while drinking beer.  As their qualifier, the team debuted The Cool Master,  powered with a combination of the Bullduino and the VEX Cortex, a beer cooler that will cross almost any terrain to deliver a freshly opened frosty brew. Cheers!
  • ·         Hack A Day (Springfield, MO): For years, Hack A Day has promoted hacking in any way possible. It’s popular hackaday.comwebsite gets over 600,000 Unique Visitors Per Month.
  • ·         L14E Maker Space (Odessa, FL): The L14E Makerspace Project Team is a diverse group of artists, writers, hackers, makers, and curiosity-driven creators who collaborate to tinker on the daily! Their efforts are a part of the nonprofit organization Learning is for Everyone (L14E), which supports the Curiosity Driven Life.


What fun is making something if you can’t share it with all your friends, real, imaginary, and digital? Tune in on Thursday, July 19th at 9 PM EST on our hacker, mobile, and tablet ready website to follow and engage with the live, 72-hour Red Bull Creation build. Explore the site for competition updates, live video streaming, and team chats! Who knows? Maybe you’ll be inspired

Winners Announced

The Maker Twins from Scottsdale, AZ have won the Team’s Choice Selection for Red Bull Creation, the 72-hour themed innovation competition that challenges inventors and builders from around the nation. This year’s theme was “Game of Games” theme, where each team created a physical, tangible game that users can play. The Scottsdale’s inventors winning creation was Thumby Wars, where users can play a gigantic, mechanical version of thumb wars. The invention got them an invitation to the 2012 Maker Faire in NYC and $10,000 to further foster their creativity.

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