Storm Trilogy Watch: 3 Time Zones on 2 Levels

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storm watchismo 01 seems to carry nothing but awesome and ultra cool geeky watches.  The Storm trilogy watch series is named for the three distinct areas for telling time (or keeping track of three time zones).  The top level is a standard dial with hour, minute, and second hands, but the lower level is where it gets a bit more unique.  On the right side is a single arrow that points to the hour but the positioning between hours tells you the minutes.  In the photo above, the right side is approximately 11:30.  The left lower dial also has a single hand, but at different lengths.  The smaller hand will point to hours 3-9 and the longer hand will point to 9-3, and again the position between hours will give you the approximate minutes.  In the photo it appears to be about 10:15.

Size-wise it’s a bit of a bear, measuring in at about 18.5mm high, 44mm wide, 50.5mm long.  It’s water resistant to 50 meters, has a mineral case, buckle clasp, and leather band.

The Storm trilogy is a limited edition offering of 3000 pieces and is available in three different colors– black and silver available for $299.99 and slate for $329.99.

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