Skinth Pocket Sheath Review

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Is it just me, or does having a gadget fetish tend to spawn a second fetish for gear bags and cases? Being a gadgeteer is a slippery slope my friends, and I’m here to provide you with yet another way to spend your weekly paycheck. You’re welcome and I’m sorry. Pick one. Skinth Solutions are hand sewn sheathes for your small EDC (everyday carry) items. I happened to discover them several weeks ago and was given the opportunity to have one created for me so that I could tell you more about them.

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Skinth Solutions is a 1.5 man operation ran by Eric Au. He’s a photographer that had a personal need to carry some tools and found that the current sheaths available on the market just didn’t make the cut. So he made his own and Skinth was born.

The Skinth is available in several sizes, Cordura colors and with many customization options. I’m not going to go over every available feature and size sheath. If you’re interested in having one made, you can spend hours (not kidding) drooling over the pictures on the Skinth site. I was sent a Skinth OG + in Royal Blue with Orange that you see above. The OG + has room for a 4.5″-5″ long tool (interior 1.75″ wide, 3/4″ and 3.5″ long). A snap flap keeps the tools from falling out and two side tubes can hold pens and small flashlights.

The back has a belt loop and an added option of Velcro strips to hold a knife.

There is a large pocket to hold one or more tools, a flat slot in front of that and then two narrow pockets in front of that. In addition to the slots and pockets there are two open tubes on each side.

Side view.

The main storage compartment on the OG + can hold most standard sized multi-tools like a Leatherman. The thin pocket above the main pocket can hold smaller flatter objects like a pocket knife.

Here is an example of what the Skinth OG + can hold. It can actually hold more than what is pictured here if you get creative and have smaller tools.

The materials and construction of the Skinth is great. Eric definitely knows his way around a sewing machine.

The only mini gripe that I have is that there’s about a half inch of extra material at the base of the main compartment. My guess is that Eric just forgot to trim the extra fabric during the construction process. This is a handmade product, so I can forgive it.

Skinth sheathes are well made and look great, but they aren’t something I would wear on my own belt… mainly because I don’t wear a belt. And because I’m a girl who works in a office and doesn’t have a job that requires me to keep a collection of tools at the ready. But if I was a guy that needed my EDC tools with me all the time, a Skinth sheath would definitely find a home on my belt.

Eric does a wonderful job designing and making these tool holders. He offers enough customization options that you will be able create the perfect sheath to hold your gear.


Right after I posted this, Eric emailed me with this info:

Funny you made that note, as soon as I finished making your Skinth, I thought about how to improve how the bottom can be done. That 1/2″ of xtra material is now hemmed in place and the bottom is finished in the same way.
Everything past yours is now constructed in the same way.

Product Information

Price:Skinth OG + Starts at $35, Prices vary depending on customizations and style of Skinth chosen
Manufacturer:Skinth Solutions
  • Many customization options
  • Handy tool holder
  • None

15 thoughts on “Skinth Pocket Sheath Review”

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  2. “Is it just me, or does having a gadget fetish tend to spawn a second fetish for gear bags and cases?”
    Tough call for me I think I liked gear bags and cases from a young age before I got into gadgets. I blame it on a childhood filled with Batman and weapons based martial arts. The Skinth pouches look really good, good review. Also pouches make good organizers for smaller stuff on and in larger bags.

  3. The velcro straps on the back are actually for attaching the Skinth horizontally to your belt or any other strap you want. Backpack, purse, sling, etc.

  4. I ordered one of his smartphone cases recently after reading a recent write up on gear patrol. Looking forward to adding the pouch to my current EDC items.

  5. Skinth products are a rarity. You will not find a better value out there for carrying small tools and misc. other items. The craftsmanship and materials are outstanding and will last for years. This type of product can’t be replicated be a Chinese company. It is the original and has no peers. I use it for camping to hold my Leatherman, knife, FL, etc… It carries thing well without looking too geeky. Two thumbs up!

  6. I am often guilty of buying a case to protect a case… or buying a bag for something i cased. It’s an addiction for wanting to protect your pretty gadgets, and toting them with you everywhere you go 🙂

    On several occasions… before buying a new iphone or iPad, i would have ordered the custom case first- assuring that the brandnew device will have a home straight out of the shrink-wrapped retail box!!!

  7. Hello, my name is Jeff Mac and I am a bag and case bigot.

    SOOOOO, right there with you on that. I prefer to think of it as an endearing personality quirk rather than a oddity or deficiency…

    1. @Jeff I hope you meant to say that you’re a bag and case-aholic. A bigot would mean you have no tolerance for bags and cases and that would just be so sad 😉

  8. @julie LOL! Yes, I am a bag and case-aholic. The bigotry comes in as I have less and less time for substandard ones. The Skinth stuff looks positively lovely.

    As a friend of mine likes to say, “Words mean things, use them with care!” Thank you for the clarification!

  9. Robert Grenader

    Julie, girls wear belts too you know 🙂

    I have the Skinth Smartphone case and an about to order the Command Center for my entire crew. Fantastic products.

  10. Good review, but I do find it odd that you asked for a Skinth knowing you would choose to not use it. We recently got a Skinth of our own, and because of it’s low profile, we tend to wear it fairly often.

    Don’t forget, just because you’re a woman doesn’t mean you can’t wear “pants” haha!

    1. @jake All I wear are pants. But I rarely wear a belt. I asked for a Skinth because I wanted to review one and show everyone that actually might like using them.

  11. Sorry, I have to say thumbs down all the way around. I own three different Skinths and the only one that has not fallen apart on me is the one that is still sitting on the shelf, unused. I carry a Leatherman Charge Ti daily along with a Streamlight AAA flashlight, a small sharpie, and a Fisher bullet pen. Both of the Skinths that I carried came apart in 60-90 days. Neat idea, poorly executed. In retrospect, I don’t know what I was thinking, I guess I just bought into the hype. A good leather sheath only lasts 2-3 years under regular day to day use. Now take something that is held together with b.s. thread, load it down with 2-3 times as much stuff and then expect it to hold up? Nope, not happening. If you are a weekend warrior then it will work longer for you but if you are going to use it as an everyday piece of your kit you might want to think again.

  12. @Mark
    My spartan-Sp was coming apart at one of the seams, so I contacted Eric at Skinth about it. He promptly replied and said to send it in… Eric will either repair it or replace it since he stands by his work. Just shoot him a quick email and I am sure your problems will be covered under warrantee.

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