Eco-Friendly Earth Blocks Building Blocks

These LEGO-like building blocks are made from “a composite of the bark of the cedar tree, compressed dust from sawn cedar logs, and coffee beans as well as other recycled materials.”  The Earth Toy Earth Blocks are 1.25″ long x 0.6″ wide x 0.6″ high.  A set of 50 blocks is $30 at the Guggenheim Store.  I think this might be taking “green” too far, because half of the fun of LEGOs is mixing and matching the colors.  I think buying a used set of LEGO blocks at a yard sale or consignment shop would be just as green and a lot more fun.

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3 thoughts on “Eco-Friendly Earth Blocks Building Blocks”

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  2. @Alan I know there are eco-friendly paints and stains. You’d think they’d use them, because I can’t imagine a kid wanting to play with these, as drab as they are.

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