3 thoughts on “Which is faster, your smartphone or a Windows Phone?”

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  2. So what. A Windows Mobile OS phone is faster at some tasks than an Apple iPhone. This is not a reasonable comparison. First, the Windows Mobile OS phone is well… Microsoft and the Apple iPhone is well… so damned popular, of course people are going to make comparison to it.
    No one learns anything from the past.
    Anyone who has ever used a Microsoft mobile operating system, from all the way back to WindoesCE -knows- Microsoft is really bad at small and light operating systems. Apple on the other hand has always been really good at making do with limited hardware. The Apple Newton and Mac computers right up until the introduction of the Intel Mac were competitive and useful even considering the limits of the processors.
    The Apple iPhone is not the “standard” for fast, it’s the standard for useful.
    As for myself, I use a 3 year old Sharp Sidekick for a cell phone and a Canon 20D for a camera. Between the two of these I can’t see you getting better, faster images or creating and sending text messages faster.
    Microsoft Mobile OS might be newer, but newer is not always better.

  3. Completely bogus like the Samsung adds as they are going up against people who barely recognize they a smart phone. Using upload photo to Facebook example- unlock phone direct to camera, take picture and while shot is being reviewed tap photo to bring up shared option, choose Facebook and that is it. 4 seconds to that point and the rest depends on network speeds. If not quicker than the windows phone it definitely isn’t slower plus has added advantage of numerous share options to printers etc.. would love to across one of those guys as I reckon I would have a serious shot at winning.

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