DigiTech iStomp Effects Pedal for iOS Devices

digitech istompWe’ve seen effects pedals that incorporate iPads, but the DigiTech iStomp is designed for iPhone – although you can use it with iPod touch and iPads, too.  The iStomp is just like every other stompbox, except you can change which stompbox it is using the free DigiTech Stomp Shop App.  The iStomp comes with DigiTech’s Total Recall digital delay and Redline overdrive boxes to get you started, and you can download one more box for $0.99 when you first set up the device.  Other stompbox definitions are available for $4.99, and there are more than 20 stompboxes available now with more planned.  iStomp and the Stomp Shop App are the first DigiTech products to incorporate the new proprietary DigiTech Smart Cable, designed in conjunction with Apple, that allows direct communication between DigiTech products and iOS devices.  The MSRP for iStomp is $229.95, but it can be found for less.  Check the iStomp page for a list of retailers.

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