Waterfield iPhone Wallet Review

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When I find something that I like, I tend to use it for a long time. Six years ago I had the opportunity to review a wallet from Waterfield and I’ve been using that the same wallet ever since. I’ve had the habit of zipping my iPhone inside it for carry convenience. Waterfield must have spy cams following me because they had the same idea, only better. They’ve created the iPhone Wallet which has a special see through area that will hold your phone and still allows access to the display. Let’s take a look.

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The design of the iPhone Wallet is very similar to Waterfield’s original wallet. The biggest change is the see through window on one side that is made of a clear vinyl material.

The iPhone wallet is available in Black or Brown. I was sent the Brown version and I love it. It’s the type of leather that only looks better as it’s used and collects scuffs and scratches.

The contents of the wallet are kept protected by a sturdy locking zipper. I can confirm that the zippers used in Waterfield’s products are top quality. I’ve never had one break or otherwise fail to function properly.

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As you can see, the stitching is evenly spaced and blends in with the color of the leather.

The interior of the wallet has 2 canvas card slots sewn into the right side (as pictured above). The back slot can hold a quite a few cards. I have been carrying 8 plastic credit cards and 8 business cards with some room to spare. The front card slot is a bit tighter and is best used for 2 or 3 most used cards.

I keep my folded dollars in front of the card slots, but behind the ultrasuede divider.

Your iPhone 3GS, 4 or 4S with or without a bumper case can then be placed in front of the rigid divider. The ultrasuede protects your phone from scratches and separates it from the rest of the items in your wallet.

Then all you have to do is zip the whole thing up and you’re ready to go. You will be able to see and interact with your phone through the plastic window. I was really surprised that my taps and swipes work through a layer of plastic, but they do. You can even send text messages, answer calls, listen to voicemails and give Siri commands while the phone is zipped up in the wallet. Nice!

The plastic window is holding up just fine after being stowed and unstowed in jacket pockets and gear bags. I was a little worried that it would scratch easily but so far it seems fine.

I’ve been using this wallet for a couple of weeks and don’t have any complaints. Granted, with your phone in this wallet, it is kind of bulky. But the convenience of being able to carry one item in your hand or jacket pocket instead of two makes the extra bulk worth it in my opinion. I think Waterfield has another winning product, which I’ll be using for years to come.


Product Information

  • Play through storage for iPhone
  • Zipper keeps contents secure
  • None

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  2. I’m curious about the plastic window. Is it a rigid plastic like what you find in the id window of a typical wallet or more flexible – akin to the “play-through” windows in a ScottEVest? If its rigid, wonder how it will hold up over time – cracking for instance?

    1. @Mike It’s a ‘soft’ flexible play through window. One thing I found out about it… you can’t do a barcode scan through it. I thought I’d be smart and put my radiation treatment card in there so I wouldn’t have to get it out every day when I go get zapped. No luck… the scanner doesn’t work through it. Maybe it’s too reflective.

    1. @Dmitriy It’s useful for transporting your phone and wallet at the same time. I don’t use it as an every day play through case. I just use it to keep my wallet and iphone together in my jacket pocket.

  3. I like mine too. My only “problem” with the case is that I usually have to turn off the Auto-Brightness when I put my iPhone in the case to keep the screen from getting too dark to see clearly.

    Wish list: a mini-purse version too – add a wrist strap – for those non-pocket-and-not-carrying-a-full-purse days.

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