Ravi Wine Chiller Review

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Ravi 1There are various wines out there, red, white, Chablis, Riesling, etc. but no matter what kind of wine you desire there are those out there that like their wine served at room temperature  and some who prefer it chilled.    However, keeping wine in one’s refrigerator can make the wine too cold and not properly chilled.  Sure, you can still refrigerate the wine and let it sit out for a while to reach adequate chill temperature. But that can be tricky and can make the wine lose its chill.  Introducing the Ravi Wine Chiller.  The Ravi is a device that attaches to the bottle and as the wine flows through the Ravi it chills the wine.

The Ravi has a valve that helps regulate the temperature of the wine. It is basically an opening on the device where you place your thumb to control the flow of wine. It uses air flow to control the speed of the pour. Less air restricts the speed of the pour allowing the wine to be more chilled and a faster pour lessens the chill factor. So the amount of time you place your thumb over the opening will determine the temperature you receive.

Ravi 3The Ravi has three parts to it. It consists of the stainless steel chamber that you place in the freezer for at least six hours for maximum cooling efficiency (so make sure you have it frozen and ready to go if you plan on running out with it), a clear plastic sleeve that houses the chamber and a base that attaches the Ravi to the wine bottle. I wasn’t so impressed with the plastic sleeve that housed the chamber. I’m sure it has its purpose but it looks cheap. Remember to fully dry the chamber of any liquid before putting it back in the freezer, or it will freeze inside the chamber.

The Ravi is perfect for those wine drinkers who add ice cubes to keep their wine chilled.  When you eliminate the ice cube you eliminate the possibility of diluting the wine.

The Ravi can also be used for liquors such as vodka, scotch or other similar spirits. However, champagnes, beer and non-alcoholic drinks are not recommended.

As well as the Ravi works, it does seem a little strange to see this bulky device attached to the wine bottle. It may seem a little out-of-place due to its size. It reminds me of a cocktail shaker or water filter sitting on top of a wine bottle. It’s not something you see everyday on a wine bottle but you get used to it.Ravi 4

The Ravi kept the wine chilled for around one and half to two hours but keep in mind that I did use it indoors. The time factor may be shorter if you use it outdoors on a picnic or at the beach on those warmer days.

Clean up was easy. Just disassemble the Ravi and run warm water through the chamber and let dry. The Ravi comes with a little hand pump that you insert into the openings to assist in air drying and a glass thermometer to check the temperature. Remember, you can’t freeze the Ravi with any water in the chamber or it will freeze the water droplets in the tube, which will restrict the flow of the wine and eventually clog the Ravi.

So, if you are looking for a portable wine chiller to take with you on a picnic or for serving wine for the holidays or hosting any party where people want a little chill in their wine, then the Ravi is an adequate device that helps achieve this. Cheers.


Product Information

  • Keeps wine chilled.
  • Air flow valve for temperature control.
  • Portable.
  • Easy cleanup.
  • Plastic sleeve makes it look cheap.
  • Takes 6 hours to properly freeze chamber.
  • Bulky.

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