LensLoop Camera Strap Review

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I hate to sound like Andy Rooney but have you ever noticed those bulky camera straps that hang around your neck?  They’re supposed to hold your camera and supposed to allow you to port your camera about and it’s supposed to be easy.  Have you ever noticed how heavy and bulky wearing your camera around your neck gets?  LensLoop  has. And they have the answer to the clunky, bulky camera issue.

My husband is an amateur photographer.  He has a Canon Digital SLR with a  Sigma 18-200 mm as his main  lens (whatever THAT means), he subscribes to the photography magazines, he joins clubs and pretty much takes a lot of pictures of our dog.

He used to carry his camera bag around with him but found it cumbersome (or rather I found it cumbersome to carry for him) to have to put it down everytime he wanted to take a picture of something…usually a bee or hummingbird buzzing around some flower while working on this “depth of field” shots.

Ok, so anyway.  Whenever he wore his camera on a strap, it’s always the Around the Neck In Front type of strap and with the kind of lens he’s got on it (yeah, yeah, yeah, I know there are longer lenses out there…) he’d knock it against this or that and it’s just clumsy.

LensLoop  is an across the chest camera strap that fits the way a messenger bag does…it slings across the chest, under one arm and allows the wearer to keep the camera at hip angle instead of against the abdomen.

Vadim Gordin is the creator of LensLoop and like most items of convenience, LensLoop was conceived out of necessity.  Wanting to go hiking and backpacking and needing a sturdy camera strap, Gordin got fed up with the limited but pricey selection of camera straps in camera stores and made his own:  from the seatbelt webbing he cut out of an old Chevy in a junkyard.   He tweaked and tinkered and eventually created the LensLoop camera strap.  It’s wider than most camera straps, and because of its width, fits more comfortably across the body and and makes it easier to carry, cart around and to get a picture, then sling back and go on.  It’s not hanging around your neck…it’s slung across your body.

Lens Loop Camera Strap2
Fits across the body.

This way, wherever you are, you are not a slave to your bulky camera bag, you’re not knocking your lens against anything in your way and you don’t have the weight and bulk of the camera hanging about your neck. Digital or not, cameras have not gotten any lighter in weight.

LensLoop straps are still made from industrial webbing which makes them ridiculously strong.   Let’s face it, no one is going to rip off your camera.  A. Because it’s not a thin, skinny strap, and B. Because it’s not hanging on your arm because you’re tired of hanging it about your neck.

Good luck to anyone trying to get a camera attached to a LensLoop off of its owner.  Not happening.

My husband is the tester for this LensLoop and he gives it mostly a thumbs up.  He would like to see more fasteners to the strap for lens caps, a flash case and be able to mount the camera to a monopod/tripod while still attached to the strap.  Fascinated by the SunSniper camera strap, my husband also mentioned that he really liked the padded shoulder attachment that SunSniper has but LensLoop does not. But those were really his only gripes.  He loves the LensLoop.

Lens Loop Camera Strap1
Easy to carry, easy to access.

At $35.00, LensLoop is competitively priced against other camera straps.  Like Vadim Gordin, I’ve seen badly manufactured camera straps for ridiculous prices.  This is a sweet piece of equipment to have for your camera and to give as a Christmas gift to the camera enthusiast on your list.  Trust me…at first he or she will look a it and go…oh… a camera strap… then try it on and go…”This rocks!!!”


Product Information

Manufacturer:Lens Loop
  • A camera
  • Sturdy, strong construction.
  • Unique design alleviates a lot of neck and back issues and clumsiness issues.
  • Easily to port your camera and easy to swing it up, grab a shot and then sling it back
  • Priced well
  • Compared to the quality of camera straps out there, this is a superior product at a fabulous price.
  • My husband would like to see more attachments to carry various other equipment, a padded shoulder attachment and the ability to mount the camera on the monopod/tripod without removing the camera from the strap but I'm not so sure it's a deal breaker.

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  2. Looks like a nice strap, sure is a good price even. I personally use the R7 Black Rapid, it’s built on the same principal as the lens loop but with some padding and a more secure connection to the camera.

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