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This vs That is a new show that reminds me of the popular geek favorite – Mythbusters. Come to find out, that This vs That is being distributed by the company Beyond, which is the same company that distributes and produces the Mythbusters show. The idea behind each This vs That episode is to compare things. The first episode focuses on the best way to load passengers into a commercial aircraft. I didn’t think I’d find that topic all that exciting to watch, but I was surprised at how entertaining it was. This is mainly due to the 3 comedic hosts Mark DeCarlo, Chris Tallman, Brad Sherwood who you’ve seen on other shows like “How I Met your Mother”, “Parks and Recreation” and “Whose Line is it Anyway?”. Other episodes compare things like life jackets vs seat cushions, gas mileage from a hybrid car vs a combustion engine car and even dogs vs cats. The first 3 episodes can be watched online. But there are talks to bring the show to cable via channels like Nat Geo or Discovery. The big news here is that this show has no network involvement, which allows the owner Jon Hotchkiss to pretty much do whatever the heck he wants as far as show topics without worrying that he’ll alienate advertisers. Go check it out and let me know if this is a show you’d continue to watch online or if you wish it would come to the big screen. I wish the dogs vs cats episode was available now. I want to watch that one 😉

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  2. I went and watched some of it. And by some I mean all that was actually available 1 full and two partial episodes.

    Good Stuff! I highly recommend the show to Mythbuster fans.

  3. Vladimir Estragon

    Too much stoopid comedy and not enough science. The unique thing about Mythbusters is that the hosts, while entertaining, are also smart and skilled and involved with the experiments. These guys are just third-rate comics brought in to host a show.

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