Greubel Forsey GMT – The Whole World in Your Hand

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With the Greubel Forsey GMT you have the whole World in your hand , well at least on your wrist. The lightweight titanium globe allows you to visualise not only the time but  also the position of day and night across different continents via the 24-hour ring around the equator while the caseband window symbolises the position of the sun on the earth.  The  globe completes one full  counterclockwise rotation every 24 hours, matching the rotation of the Earth, and is surrounded by hour indicators split into white and black numbers indicating the daytime and night-time hemispheres. A worldtime disc on the rear of the watch is  connected to the globe and bears the names of 24 cities, each representing one of 24 global time zones. There’s no pricing on the site but with construction materials like 18 karat  gold, alligator leather and sapphire crystals it’s probably not going to be cheap.

3 thoughts on “Greubel Forsey GMT – The Whole World in Your Hand”

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  2. Any high-end watch with Tourbillon and complication with rather unfamiliar names will cost your house and car. Along with 18k and platinum, it will set you back even further. REgardless, I love design and concept of their movement. Only if it is affordable for the rest of us…..

  3. Going price for gold or platinum is $600,00. Incredible piece. High end timepieces are always good investments. I paid $7k for an IWC abt 7 yrs ago, just sold it for $12.5k.

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