Energizer iSurge Portable Charging Station and Surge Protector

The iSurge from Energizer is a compact 3-outlet surge protector with a couple of extra bonuses.  On the top of the unit is a 30-pin Apple dock connector to charge your iPhone or iPod.  On the side is a USB port.  And you’ll be able to charge your laptop, iPad, or any other gadget from the 3 AC outlets in the front.  It’s great to throw in your gear bag when traveling.  You’ll have a couple of extra outlets in those hotel rooms that never seem to have enough where you need them, you’ll protect your electronics from power surges without having to carry one of those giant strips in your bag, and you’ll be able to lighten your load by removing some of those AC adapters used to charge your USB-chargeable devices.  The Energizer iSurge is available now at Amazon for $59.99.

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