GTX GPS Shoes Can Protect Alzheimers Patients

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Every few weeks, I’ll see a Silver Alert news story about an Alzheimers patient or otherwise vulnerable adult who has wandered away.  That’s just in my area, so imagine how many of these at-risk people there are in the country and how many of them could be missing at any given time.  GTX has developed shoes that have a GPS locator inside that can be used to track your loved one if he/she is missing.  The locator and power supply are hidden in the shoes and have comfortable padding over them.  You won’t have to worry the patient will remove the locator like they could a bracelet or necklace device.  Use the Breadcrumbs or Geo-Fencing applications to monitor their location on the internet or on a smartphone.  The shoes are available in a variety of styles.  They should cost about $300, and they should be available soon.  Go to the GTX website for more details.

4 thoughts on “GTX GPS Shoes Can Protect Alzheimers Patients”

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  2. I ain’t going to nix this idea- My mom had that problem- but who’s to say they’d wear these shoes or even remember to put on shoes when they made their getaway. We need to come up with something, other than implanting a device, that will be worn and with them at all times. I don’t know what that device could be but if we all at The Gadgeteer would put our collective heads together…….

  3. Bob, you’re right that there’s always the possibility they’ll refuse to wear anything – clothing, shoes, jewelry. You do hear about people wandering off without a coat in cold weather.

  4. The only thing I can think of that would be foolproof I’ve already mentioned, and that idea doesn’t sound appealing to me, but its use would only be used on extreme cases; and who decides that? I guess if you believe someone you love needs the shoes it’ll be time for the implant 🙁

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