Do you REALLY love your gadget bag? – Protect it with Workiture El-bagped

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So you’ve spent all that money personalizing your new gadget bag, forked out for that rare once in a lifetime  unobtainium material. What’s the last thing you want to do? Put your new best friend on that dirty, icky floor.

Worry no longer, Workiture has you covered. Their el-bagped stand (shown with a Timbuk2 bag) is manufactured from sturdy eighth-inch cold-rolled steel, sanded, TIG welded, and powder-coated and protects your new baby from all that muck.  You can even choose from a number of (bag matching?) fabrics and patterns if you choose to have it manufactured with a shelf, as shown.  Some of these stands can even be flipped over and used as a stool.

Priced at $169 without and $199 with shelf.

7 thoughts on “Do you REALLY love your gadget bag? – Protect it with Workiture El-bagped”

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  2. STOP! Cease depraved yuppies, do not spend $200 on furniture for your bag.. I am only saying this ’cause I already got my messenger bag a nice futon, and if it sees this, then what’s next, a flippin spa? 🙂

  3. @Donald and Robert. You’ll note in the title I’ve put “REALLY love your gadget bag” 🙂
    I use my gadget bags and every crease and stain is part of the bag’s life and history to to me… ( though there’s some stains from the Reunification Express in Vietnam that are probably best not thought about too hard 😛 )

  4. And what are you going to use to protect your $200 El-bagped ? A El-bagpedped ? A bag protects your gadgets. You don’t need a protector for the protector, otherwise, you’ll get caught in an infinite loop of protectors.

  5. It looks the sort of thing one would fall over twice then it would be thrown into the shed with the rest of the must haves but never used 😉

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