Atomic time is so yesterday . . .

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Most watches require the time to be set manually.  Some watches have the functionality to auto set to the correct time when it receives a signal from an atomic clock.  The Citizen Eco-Drive Satellite Wave watch gets its time differently.  Like its name, this Citizen watch gets the time directly from satellites orbiting the earth.   No need to worry about batteries because the Eco-Drive technology inside runs off the sun or any light source.  With the Satellite Wave, you’ll have the correct time whether you’re in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, stuck in the Sahara or lost in the Artic Circle.  That is if you have $3,000 to spare before this limited edition watch runs out. Check out the video after the jump.

9 thoughts on “Atomic time is so yesterday . . .”

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  2. This articles’ headline is simply so … wrong!
    GPS satellites do use built in atomic clocks as a source for the time signal they are sending. So the only difference here is that the citizen watch uses a GPS receiver instead of one for a long wave ground signal. The one remaining remarkable thing about this new timepiece is its complete time sync coverage all around the globe. Which you also have with every other GPS receiver, e.g. the ones built in smartphones 🙂

  3. For $3000 price tag, I am still happy with Casio G-Shock Tough Solar with Waveceptor for under $300.
    Nice layout and design however…:)

  4. I’m as pedantic as the next guy, but even I understood the headline to mean the low frequency atomic clock signal that many WWVB set clocks and watches use… which began use in 1956. Yesterday, indeed.

  5. Impressive watch guys, but:
    1) less shiny, less futuristic and more grey than in the ” photoshoped ” official picture
    2) who would spend 3800$ for a japan made watch and not swiss made???…

  6. @George People who understand watches own high end Japanese timepieces. The Swiss run Observatory timekeeping competitions were discontinued because the Japanese were beating the Swiss at their own game. The Japanese high end watches are better in my opinion and at a more reasonable price. That doesn’t mean I don’t own Swiss watches also.

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