Cut the Cable with the Mohu Leaf

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mohu leaf antennaIf you’re looking for a way to get rid of expensive cable bills, you may have considered going to HD over-the-air programming.  Nothing’s better than free TV, but do you really want to have to use an ugly rabbit ears antenna?  The Leaf Antenna™ was designed by experienced antenna engineers who have been designing antennas for the US military for years.  Mohu was inspired to create their Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna when one of their employees decided to get rid of cable and switch to over-the-air programming.  The Leaf is 9″ X 11.5″, is paper thin and mounts to your wall, hides under a picture, or sits in a window.  It has a black side and a white side to help it blend in with your color scheme.  (Click the above picture for a better view of the Mohu Leaf (insets) and see if you can find it in the kitchen.) It connects to your TV with a 75 ohm F connector, and it comes with a 6-ft cable.  The Mohu Leaf Antenna is $44.99; longer cables are available as an optional purchase.  And best of all, Mohu is located in my home state and their antennas are designed and manufactured in the US.

8 thoughts on “Cut the Cable with the Mohu Leaf”

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  2. “was inspired to create their Leaf Indoor HDTV Antenna when one of their employees decided to get rid of cable and switch to over-the-air programming.” They should pay their employees more so they could afford cable- Just kidding 😛

    This is something I just might actually buy. I don’t have cable and it would be too expensive anyways. I live in way out nowhere and depend on solar panels and batteries to run my electrical. The box I have now for HD is bulky and consumes much energy- it gets hot, plus it’s NOT made in USA.
    I’m going to bookmark their site and buy one later on your recommendation 🙂

  3. Bob, I haven’t actually tried this, so I’m not recommending it. I just read about it and thought it looked interesting, so I wrote a news item. I’m thinking about buying one myself. I’d like to get rid of cable. We’re down to just four shows we watch weekly, and those are all on non-cable channels.

  4. Well hot dang Janet I thought it was your kitchen I was trying to find it in 😛

    May I ask, what four shows do you watch?
    “Castle” is one of my favorites!
    “NCIS” is another!

  5. I wish that *was* my kitchen, Bob!

    My four can’t-miss-em shows are Castle, NCIS (the original), The Big Bang Theory, and Bones. I sometimes like to watch Ghost Hunters, but they’ve disappointed me lately.

    We match on 2 out of 4 shows!

  6. Yup you scored two hits on my list! I used to watch Bones until Zack left the show in 2008. He came back a few times, but without him the show was never the same for me.
    Warehouse 13 is another favorite along with Fringe (The mad Scientist makes the show for me 🙂
    I watch all of these on Hulu….

  7. I miss Zach, too. I read the actor had an illness of some sort, so I wondered if that’s why they got rid of him. I used to have at least one show per night that I had to watch, but I just don’t watch much TV any more.

  8. This was one of the most interesting reviews I have ever seen on your site. It was a review that didn’t review a single aspect of the product. Why is it better than any other fta antenna – if in fact it is. Its wonderful for you that it is made in the usa and that it is in fact made in your state. I could care less. Does it work? Does it work better than alternatives? If so, why?
    This was clearly the least informative article I have ever seen on your site. How about providing an actual evaluation of this product?

  9. @Jim Hawley This article wasn’t a review at all. The Gadgeteer does news items as well as reviews. This was a news item about a product that we thought might be of interest to some of our readers. If it had been a review, it would have had the word “review” in the title.

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