Is there really a Tatooine?




You have to love it when the scientific community leverages Star Wars analogies to define a scientific discovery.  In this case, the discovery of a world in the universe with two suns orbiting a single planet – just like the Star Wars world Tatooine.   NASA’s Kepler Mission discovered the world, now known as Kepler-16b, after its discovering mission.  Using the Kepler space telescope a team from SETI discovered the Kepler system of 16 planets orbiting a star and Kepler 16-b looks like it has two eclipses from earth as measured by seeing dips in the light delivered through a telescope. According to a Press Release, Kepler 16-b is a bit different then Tatooine as it is cold, gaseous, and inhospitable.   For more information please visit the NASA Kepler Press Release.

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