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We all know someone like this….someone who just can’t leave their gadget alone.  They just have to root it, rook it, hack it… whatever the term.  They have to crack it open and try to program it to remote detonate the dishwasher from Pacoima.

My husband is just one such person.  He cannot leave his gadgets alone.  In fact, he purchases gadgets because he read several blogs about how to make the gadget do something it was never advertised to do.

Case in point:  the color Nook.  You can find instructions all over the internet on how to “root it” so that it behaves like a mini tablet PC.  Barnes and Noble doesn’t appreciate this little quirk in geek personalities so they, like every other electronics manufacturer, fight back by voiding the warranties on any device that is dorked around with.

This doesn’t stop them though.  If you’re in the market to have your electronic gadget dorked with, look for someone wearing this shirt.   $16.99- $19.99  from

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