Amazon Kindle locally available in Australia – woohoo!

Aussie ( potential )  e-readers rejoice. No longer will you have to muck around with exchange rates and overseas freight ( albeit very fast 3-4 day turnaround from the US ) to obtain your Amazon Kindle.

Both Dick Smith Electronics and Big W are showing the Kindle and accessories available on their websites. Both sites show  it available for pre-order at the moment with shipping on the 29th of August.  Looks like they’ll be available instore as well and with DSE if there’s a problem you can return it to your local store.

Even with the Aussie Dollar high at the moment , looks like you’ll pay a small premium but many will be willing to wear it for the peace of mind of local purchase and support.

Wifi only $159AU  3G $219AU  (with free shipping if ordered online)

( Looks like there’ll be another brother or sister for my existing 2 Kindles very soon 🙂  )

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  • KarenM August 11, 2011, 11:30 pm

    Now all us Aussies need is those same local retailers to sell Amazon Gift Cards!

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