Build Your Own Multi-Tool with the CRKT ID Works Flux System

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Apparently the CRKT ID Works Flux Multi Tool System is not a new product, but since it’s new to me, I thought I’d share it anyway. The Flux system allows you to construct your own multi-tool from a variety of options. Tools slide and snap on to a special dual rail holder that has carbiner type hooks on each end. Some of the tools include a knife, hex bit driver, LED flashlight, Flash drive and wine bottle opening tools. I think this is a cool idea, but wish there were more tools to choose from. Prices for the Flux components vary, but range from $9.99 – $69.99.

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6 thoughts on “Build Your Own Multi-Tool with the CRKT ID Works Flux System”

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  2. I’m with Dmitriy here. I’ve seen this system up close and personal, and it’s just a gimmick. Each tool is larger than it should be, making the combined tool more than twice as large as it should be.

    There are much better choices in multitools out there, even some from CRKT. Even if you had to buy two different multitools to get everything you wanted, you would still make out better than the Flux system in terms of size and weight; and the costs would be similar too.

  3. The thing I didn’t like about it was that while you can buy tons of “add on” tools, you can only use two at a time. That means you don’t actually have a “multi-tool”, you have a knife with a USB drive, or a flashlight with a bottle opener, etc. If I have to decide which two tools I’m going to use during any given day, I’ll just carry those two tools in my back pack. The nice thing about my Leatherman is that I always have all the tools on it with me, so if I’m in a pinch I can probably find something that works. Otherwise I’d be staring at my Flux with the USB drive and the screwdriver wondering where to find a pair of pliers.

  4. I like the idea of this modular tool. I keep looking for the elusive multitool that I can carry with me onto an airplane, without checking my bags. I take enough short business trips that I’d want something with me, but without a sharpened blade. Yes, Leatherman has the Knifeless Fuse. I’d much rather have a Knifeless Charge or Knifeless Wave.

  5. @nomaded
    Many people have had their knifeless Fuse taken away from them by the TSA. It seems that TSA gets scared off by the size of the tool in general (it’s right at the upper limits of TSA’s “guidelines”).

    Your best bet is to get a smaller, cheaper multi-tool, and just remove the knife. The Leatherman Style series uses hex screws, making it easy to replace the knife with a washer (or another tool). Alternately, you can grind off the blades of a small Swiss Army knife.

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