Maglite XL100 – A Flashlight that is controlled with wrist motion

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The Maglite XL100 is one of the most unique flashlights that I’ve seen in a very long time. It is an LED flashlight with 5 advanced modes that include Strobe, SOS, Signal, Dim and Night modes. So that’s cool right? That’s not the best part though. The most impressive feature is that all these modes can be controlled just by turning your wrist. Click the tailcap switch and then rotate your wrist to adjust the beam. Nifty! The XL100 is 4.8 inches long and powered by three AAA alkaline batteries. The list price is $49.99, but you can find it for around $31 on Amazon.

7 thoughts on “Maglite XL100 – A Flashlight that is controlled with wrist motion”

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  2. Meaning you cycle through the modes when moving? Not cool … or does anyone manage to hold a flashlight rock steady when actually using it?

    1. @Uli Sorry, I should have explained it a bit better. As far as I understand, you hold down the tail cap button and then twist your wrist to adjust the setting. Then when you let go of the button, the setting is locked in. There’s also a wrist motion that will allow you to completely lock the flashlight.

  3. Yea — it’s about time Maglite got a pocket flash with LEDs. The motion control is just some nice icing on the cake…

  4. Looks like you guys are a little late to the game…XL100’s been out for over a year now. The latest XL200 was just released and is even brighter than the XL100.

  5. Instead of turning the knob while holding the flashlight body, you do the opposite: hold the knob and turn the flashlight body.
    Now new cool bottle, hold the cap and rotate your wrist to open it.

  6. @Uli and @Julie, the wrist movements are pretty intuitive. Though if you are like most people, you’ll just use one setting and not think of it again – but when you want the built in “twist to brighten” or “twist to dim” it sure comes in handy! The XL200 is a little bit different, it uses clicks on the tail-cap to switch modes vs. wrist movements, like the XL50. All great lights!

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