Green + Slim = iGo Green Laptop Travel Charger

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ig gogreenThese days, we’re all trying to do our part in various ways to be more green.  And we all want to carry smaller, lighter items in our gear bag.  Maybe give the iGo Green Laptop Travel Charger a look, eh?  It features patented tech which automatically reduces wasted standby power (vampire power) by up to 85% making this “the most environmentally friendly laptop charger on the market.”  At only 0.64 inches thin, it’s also slimmer than previous versions, charges mobile devices from a USB port and works worldwide—no need for a voltage converter when traveling.  Includes tips for most popular laptops.  Regularly $129.99, currently on sale for $109.99 just in time for summer travel season.  Hmm…maybe this will replace the previous iGo I idiotically blew up on my last trip to the UK.  😉

4 thoughts on “Green + Slim = iGo Green Laptop Travel Charger”

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  2. Headley_Grange

    Be careful with this charger. The one I have shuts down once the laptop is fully charged. This is what happens:

    – turn laptop on
    – plug charger in
    – leave laptop downloading a ziggabyte of MS updates
    – go to bed
    – get up in a hurry, grab laptop for 1 hour breakfast meeting
    – get to meeting – laptop battery empty.

    The charger charged the battery and then when it was full the charger turned itself off to save the polar bears. The laptop kept running on battery until the battery emptied. The charger (the one I’ve got) does not turn itself back on again. Mine went straight in the bin.

  3. @Headley_Grange – Yowch! That’s great feedback–wish I’d seen it sooner! LOL As I was writing and posting the above news item, my admin at work was ordering me the iGo Go Green, which is now in transit to me. I plan to do a full review of it when I get it in hand and I’ll definitely report on it if I see the same thing as you described above.

  4. perhaps do not leave your laptop on while it is charging overnight… it wastes energy anyway.

    it’s a great feature to have the charger turn off when the battery on your computer is full because it wastes less energy and does not harm your battery.

  5. Headley_Grange


    I didn’t leave my laptop on just to charge, I was downloading software (usng a dongle – so very slow). It was going to take about 5 hours so I went to bed. I didn’t expect to wake up to a dead laptop. If you’re happy with this “feature” then OK; I didn’t expect it to work this way and thought it useful to warn potential buyers.

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