Free Merriam-Webster Dictionary App for iPad with Voice Lookup

Merriam-Webster already offers their Collegiate Dictionary as a $25 app in the iTunes app store.  This free iPad app gives you access to the complete Collegiate Dictionary, and it gives you functions that the paid app doesn’t have.  I’m not the best speller in the world, and it’s sometimes hard to look up a word I don’t know how to spell, but the free app has Voice Lookup so I just say the word I need. The Mirriam-Webster Dictionary HD also has synonyms and antonyms, audio pronunciations, and example sentences.  There’s also a Word of the Day and a scrolling index that lets you browse and a history of words you’ve looked up previously.  The catch is that your Universal Device ID may be used by advertisers and ad networks to serve ads to you.  You can get more information about their privacy policy on the app page in iTunes.

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