Shutterfly Custom Path Photo Books Give You Complete Design Control

We’ve reviewed several photo books at The Gadgeteer, and they’ve all allowed some customization of your book design.  You can choose themes (wedding, baby, holiday, etc) that determine a set of background images, and you can choose templates that fit a pre-determined number and size of photos and text boxes on a page.  Shutterfly also has a photo book that works that way, called Simple Path.  After listening to their customers, they know that people want more control over the book design, and they have introduced Custom Path photo books.  With Custom Path, you have complete control to resize photos, move them around on the page, even use your own photo as a background.  You can add text and embellishments, too.  A Custom Path book fit up to 25 pictures per page, for a total of 1,000 photos.  At launch, 41 design styles are available from designers like Stacy Claire Boyd, Demby & Solomon and Ali Edwards.  Five sizes of books are available, starting at only $12.99.

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