But What Does It Do?

Well…nothing.  That’s the point…I think.

For those of you who remember the kitsch from the 70s, the Pet Rock was…a rock.  No. Seriously.  It was a washed and polished rock that came equipped in a mini little pet carrier nestled atop some rafia.

Back in the day, it sold for five dollars.  Might not seem like much now but back then five bucks could buy far more than a gallon of gas.  This rock did nothing.  It sat there.

Oh, wait… it did do one thing.  It literally flew off the shelves.  Stores could not keep Pet Rocks in stock.  And it made the creator of the Pet Rock, Gary Dahl,  a millionaire.

I don’t know who invented the USB Pet Rock but the concept is still the exact same.

It sits there.  Plugged into the USB port of your computer or laptop…it sits there.  (Like you’re not using those ports for something else) It does not draw any power.  There are no bells, no whistles, no LED, no lasers.  You can’t even use it as a mouse unless you hack it.

And at twice the price of the original Pet Rock (roughly $9.99 from ThinkGeek), it’s probably making someone somewhere a millionaire. Go figure.

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  2. I bet you can use it to file down your nails…and it probably doesn’t require a high output charger like an iPad.

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