Bacon Clock… The best part of waking up….

Wake’n Bacon.

No. Seriously.  A bacon alarm clock.  An alarm clock that wakes you every morning to the smell of freshly cooked bacon AND bacon you get to eat.

No.  Joke.

Now, I am so not into strange alarm clocks although I DO have a Voco Clock. But this one takes the cake… or the bacon and eggs.

This device while not very attractive, is actually extremely cool and I will admit it’s a cool gift.

But how, you ask.  I will show how.

Put a slice of bacon here...

You put a slice of pre-cooked bacon (Yes it has to be pre-cooked.  No one likes the idea of raw bacon sitting out unrefrigerated overnight) in the drawer, close it, set the clock and set the cook time for four minutes before time to get up.  When you wake up… crispy hot bacon and that warm delicious smell.

Ahhh…. cool huh?

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6 thoughts on “Bacon Clock… The best part of waking up….”

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  2. The character Michael Scott, from “The Office”, burned his foot on his George Foreman Grill because he puts bacon out to cook so he can wake up to the smell of bacon…

    He’d love this 😀

  3. I have a new phone app called MultiSnooze. Check it out at It allows you to take all of your snoozes right up front when you first get up rather then being interrupted every time your snooze goes off. Please spread the word. Thanks

  4. I thought I’ve seen all the different functions to wake you up, but this Bacon alarm clock takes the cake, or should I say the bacon.

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