Just Indulge ‘Em: Crust Cutter


My parenting or kid-monitoring skills are simplistic: just shut ’em up if there is little or no work on my part.  These crust cutters (this one available from Amazon, $7) is the type of gadget that fulfills that philosophy.

For anyone who just doesn’t want to deal with crust (pie crust not included, of course), here you go.  The fact that it also slices your samich into two dinosaurs in this photo is really a personal choice, though: Just like pancakes, I prefer my samiches to be in the shape of airplanes.

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4 thoughts on “Just Indulge ‘Em: Crust Cutter”

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  2. We have that crust cutter…big problem the mold is bigger than just about every slice of white bread available in grocery stores.

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