Uzi Tactical Pen with Handy DNA Harvester

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uzi tactical penDo any of you remember the Johnson Smith Company ads that appeared comic books back in the 70’s? They had tons of cool novelty items that I would drool over, wishing I had money to buy them. I think ThinkGeek is the Johnson Smith Company of the 21st century. These guys always have the most unique stuff that you don’t see everyday. Case in point… The Uzi Tactical Pen. This ball point pen is made of aluminum and accepts Parker and Fisher Space Pen refills. Besides functioning as a pen, it can also protect you from bad guys, with the razor sharp crown at the top. It will definitely leave a mark and as an extra bonus, you can send the harvested DNA to wherever one sends DNA… Oh, you can also use it break glass. Want one? Just head over to ThinkGeek and plunk down $14.99

2 thoughts on “Uzi Tactical Pen with Handy DNA Harvester”

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  2. I think the best thing to do is run from your attacker! If you can’t or you’re not in good physical shape I believe it’s better to just hand over your wallet. With all that said, a last resort would be to pull out your very sharp Klingon D’K TAHG Knife and gut the bastard leaving his innards spilled upon the floor 🙂

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