Privacy Online – Who is watching you?

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Recently the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), CNN and many others have been focusing on the issue of privacy online. It makes one wonder why this is in the news now. After all it has been known for a long time that many companies are watching what you do on the web. It must have been a slow news day, I guess.

The most interesting item I discovered from the WSJ article is that the top two (among 50 most popular) sites that leave the most trackers are and Isn’t this a little weird? I mean why would websites that I go to look for word meanings be the ones that track me the most? Wikipedia is the one that does not leave any trackers and so from now on all my word searches will occur there

What about that big bad wolf – Google? It is in the bottom five as far as trackers go ( is 5th and Youtube is 3rd from the bottom).

The graphic they have is a little difficult to understand but the list of websites given below is revealing.

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