3feet Device Stand Review

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Do you use your smartphone, iPad or Android tablet as a digital photo frame or clock? If so, you’re most likely using it with some type of stand. There are a bazillion different stands on the market, so finding the perfect one for you, might be a challenge. In our never ending commitment to helping our readers make good choices, we offer a review of the 3feet device stand.

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Made in the USA of a dense plastic and available in 10 different colors, the 3feet stand is easy to use, very portable and compact.

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The stand has O-rings on both sides of the front ‘foot’ that will keep it from sliding around on a table.

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Additional O-rings are used for back rest portion of the stand to keep the device from sliding around.

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The legs on the back of the stand fold out to allow the brace to slide into slots that lock it in place. There are two sets of slots that the brace can fit into.

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With the brace in the slots, it creates a sturdy base to hold your device.

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I tested the 3feet stands with the Droid X, iPad, and Samsung Galaxy Tab.

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The position of the brace (top or bottom slots) really doesn’t change the angle of the device.

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But the 3feet stand has a secondary support that can be used to orient your device to a flatter position.

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Just pop up the center of the brace, rotate it as far as possible, flip over the stand and it’s ready to go.

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In this orientation, it provides a good angle for typing on the iPad’s touch keyboard. That said, unless you have a very light touch, it is a bit wobbly to type on the display due to the fact that the iPad is much wider than the base of the stand. It would work well with a separate Bluetooth keyboard though.

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A slot in the front support allows certain charging cables to pass through for use with some devices.

I can’t find much to fault with this stand. The 3feet stand is a simple product that’s a good value because it’s easy to use and so portable. I can easily fold it up and stow it in a gear bag or drawer when it’s not being used.


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  • Compact
  • Easy to use
  • 2 positions
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